British Mom Forces Son To Buy Flowers And Chocolate For Girl He Bullied

Mom Forces Son To Buy Flowers And Chocolate For Girl He Bullied

Mom Marches Son To Girl’s House To Apologize For Calling Her ‘Fat’ & ‘Ugly’ In Texts

A British mom decided to teach her son a lesson about kindness after she found out he was sending hurtful messages to a classmate.

Samm Jane,32, said she received a call from her 12-year-old son’s teachers about the disturbing messages he was sending to a female classmate.

After he came home, she demanded the boy to unlock his phone and was horrified by the messages she saw. ‘I never want to see your ugly face in school. Your ugly face and fat body offend me,’ he wrote in addition to calling his classmate a ‘fat, ugly, c**t, t**t, and b***h.’The girl said in response to the message for him to ‘stop being horrible’ but Jane’s son said ‘Urgh, you’re disgusting’ in a voice note.

The mother of five said she was ‘shaken’ with anger after reading the disturbing messages and forced her son to apologize to his classmate by paying a visit to her home. ‘I told him “She’s going to be looking in the mirror now and feeling so insecure”. I couldn’t let it go,’

Jane also made her son use some of his birthday money to purchase flowers and chocolates for his classmate. After arriving at the home, she forced her son to apologize to the girl and her parents for his messages. Her parents acknowledged how Jane made her son do the right thing by apologizing for his behavior.

‘I’m not going to lie, mate, if you were a grown-ass man and you said that to my daughter, I would have kicked your head in.’ the girl’s father said to him. The girl’s mom also sent a text thanking Jane for sending the flowers and chocolates as well as an apology.

Jane recalled the entire ordeal in a TikTok video where she explained her thought process on how to address her son’s behavior and the setbacks of raising a boy into adulthood.


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