Boosie Badazz Is Looking For 3 Male Toe Suckers For Girls At His Party

Boosie Badazz Is On The Hunt For Three Male Toe Suckers 

Boosie Badazz Is On The Hunt For Three Male Toe Suckers

Boosie Badazz is known for his controversial takes on hot topics and he’s never scared to share his thoughts even if it’s against the grain.

The Louisiana native is in the news again after revealing what he needs for his upcoming party in a new video.

Boosie says he needs three male toe suckers for girls at his upcoming party. “And a lot of these girls been talking about. They want they toes sucked at the party,” he said.

“And you know, I gotta get it for em so I need three.. I need three n*ggas who gon suck some toes. The girl’s gonna be pay.. you know you gonna get money the girl’s gonna pay you. But I need some toe sucker.”

We got to see the soft side of Boosie when he attended his friend Trouble’s funeral. Boosie  broke down into tears while speaking at the event.

“Just won’t come up here and… I didn’t get to tell my boy, thank you. So. I want to tell Trouble thank you,” Boosie said tearfully.

“He always supported me, you know? Well my you know I know. I’m hurting for y’all because I’m hurting for five years. You know, I was with him 30 years, you know so. I just want to tell my boy thank you… I just won’t tell him. Thank you, my boy.”


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