Block B P.O. Is Deployed To The Marine Corps HQ And Expected To Serve In The Military Band


Block B P.O. was assigned to the Marine Corps HQ’s Military Band.

On Jun 15th, Artist Company said through a number of media channels that P.O. recently got deployed to the Marine Corps Headquarters located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, and will serve in the military band.

P.O. entered the Marine Corps’ education and training team on March 28th and completed basic training for the Marine Corps for seven weeks.

After receiving the deployment command, he will continue his military career in the military band.


Last month, P.O., who is now a dignified soldier, was revealed on the Marine Corps’ official blog, drawing attention.

P.O. is dressed in a stylish marine uniform, drawing attention as he stood out among many soldiers even though he was wearing a mask.

In particular, he showed his dignified appearance by perfecting the salute pose with a sharp angle.


Meanwhile, 30-year-old P.O. made his debut in 2011 as a member of Block B. Since then, he has appeared as an actor in various works such as SBS’s “Temperature of Love” and tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna”, showing his aspect as an “acting idol.”

The discharge date of P.O., who is showing his talents in many ways, is September 27th, 2023.

Source: insight


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