BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” and “Tally” disqualified for broadcast on KBS


After “Pink Venom”, KBS banned two more songs of BLACKPINK from broadcasting.

According to KBS content qualification results, which were released on September 21st, BLACKPINK’s new title song “Shut Down” and their B-side “Tally” from the album “BORN PINK” did not meet broadcast criteria.


In particular, “Shut Down” was disqualified for breaching Article 46 of the Korea’s Broadcasting Law, which is about the mentioning of brand names, or in the case of “Shut Down”, the presence of the word “Lamborghini”. Meanwhile, “Tally” is banned for using “inappropriate phrases and words”. 

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Adding to this, another song from “BORN PINK”, “Hard To Love”, was initially required to cut the “fuck” part in “I just fuck it up”. However, KBS later changed its mind and required a censor sound instead, while the full lyrics can be put in the captions.  

In the past, BLACKPINK’s pre-release single “Pink Venom” was also banned for broadcast on KBS due to the use of brand name “Celine” and the mention of the word “Coco”, which allude to “Coco Chanel”. 


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