BLACKPINK Got One From 2NE1?


Many Kpop groups missed out on super catchy Kpop songs, which then became viral in the hands of other idols.

All Kpop idols dream of owning hit songs that can take the world by storm. Therefore, their releases are always carefully selected from many options. However, many hit songs were actually offered to other Kpop idols before they reached the hands of their current singers. 

blackpink 2ne1
Kpop groups that “inherited” songs from others. 

1. Into The New World (SNSD)

“Into The New World” was prepared for M.I.L.K

SNSD’s debut track “Into The New World” took Korea by storm with its energetic melody and meaningful lyrics. However, little do people know, this 15-year-old hit was actually prepared for the senior group M.I.L.K, who also debuted under SM Entertainment. Unfortunately, M.I.L.K ended up disbanding too early, leading to SNSD inheriting the song. 

But ended up being SNSD’s debut song. 

2. Love Dive (IVE)

The recent track “Love Dive” helped boost IVE’s popularity in the Kpop world. Despite having been released 2 months ago, “Love Dive” still remains in high positions on Korea’s music charts. 

“Love Dive” helped boost IVE’s popularity in the Kpop world

However, the song was originally meant for Sunmi, who received its demo. The solo artist found “Love Dive” more fitting for a group, resulting in IVE’s adoption of the song. 

However, the song was originally meant for Sunmi

3. Something (Girl’s Day)

girl's day something
“Something” was a legendary hit of Girl’s Day

Before becoming a major hit of Girl’s Day, “Something” was composed for SISTAR Hyolyn. However, at the time, Hyolyn was pursuing an energetic, bold, and daring image, and found the song ill-fitted for her. 

But turns out, Hyolyn rejected it after hearing the demo version. 

4. Up&Down (EXID)

Up&Down originally aimed at Jessi’s fierce image

Up&Down is a song produced by EXID’s rapper LE. This song originally meant for Jessi becauses the vibes seem to match well. However, Jessi rejected Up&Down because she thought it was more suitable for LE’s voice. After that, LE and her bandmates had an iconic comeback with Up&Down. It was also Up&Down that gave birth to the “fancam queen” Hani.

exid up & down
After being rejected by Jessi, Up&Down became EXID’s most iconic song 
exid hani up & down
“Fancam Queen” was born thanks to a performance of Up&Down 

5. Siren (Sunmi)

wonder girls why so lonely
Wonder Girls then proceeded to make a comeback with “Why So Lonely”

Siren is a song composed by Sunmi herself. However, she initially submitted it to JYP Entertainment for approval as the title track of Wonder Girls’ album, but JYP delayed the release of Siren because he didn’t think it would suit the group.

sunmi siren
Siren later became one of Sunmi’s most popular solo tracks

6. Lucky One (EXO)

At first, Lucky One was supposed to be a SHINee’s song, but it ended up getting removed from the group’s album because the members rejected it. SM then passed on the song to EXO as a double title track promoted in parallel with Monster.

Lucky One was rejected by SHINee 
EXO SM ent
The song then became a hit by EXO 

7. La Vie en Rose (IZ*ONE)

La Vie en Rose was originally a song given to CLC. The CUBE girl group also completed the recording and hinted at the release of this song many times. However, after all, CUBE Entertainment still decided to sell the song to IZ*ONE, making fans extremely regretful and angry. Some people even think that, if CLC had released La Vie en Rose, the group might not have disbanded.

iz one
IZ*ONE made a successful debut with La Vie en Rose.
If CLC had released La Vie en Rose at that time, the group’s future might change.

8. As If It’s Your Last (BLACKPINK)

2NE1 once sang the demo for the song As If It’s Your Last.

As If It’s Your Last was given to 2NE1 under the name Blame It On Your Love. However, in the end, YG Entertainment chose it as BLACKPINK’s comeback song. At that time, rumors of 2NE1 being treated unfairly and BLACKPINK stealing their senior’s hit spread widely, affecting the reputation of both groups. It was not until 2021 that Minzy confirmed that 2NE1 had not chosen the song from the beginning.

BLACKPINK was then suspected of stealing the hit from their seniors.


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