BIGBANG Daesung Studies Japanese Despite Having No Promotions, Preparing To Resume Activities?


Daesung, a member of BIGBANG, talked about his daily life on his YouTube channel. 

On June 13th, Daesung published a new Vlog on his YouTube channel “D’splay”. In the video, Daesung expressed his excitement, saying: “I bought wine for the first time in a wine”, and started joking with the name of the wine, “Mila Calla Fantastic Smell”.

Then, Daesung began practicing for his drum cover video, sharing: “It’s difficult, and I don’t know when I’m going to be finished because time flies while practicing. I just keep playing my drums until things work out. I’m going to repeat this part for a while.”

BIGBANG Daesung studies Japanese

The male idol also added: “When I can’t do it, I practice slowly and repeatedly. If you just look at the video, you’d think it is easy, but it is really not.” 

Daesung vlog

According to Daesung, a lot of effort is dedicated to each cover video. Daesung kept practicing the forgotten part and redoing it, and when he got things wrong, he’d re-attempt at 0.75 times the speed.

Daesung vlog

Then, the BIGBANG member started to eat, looking extremely excited as he searched for the best stir-fried spicy pork. He then presented a stir-fried spicy pork with tofu, kimchi, and seaweed soup. He even showed off the kimchi with his palm behind the food like a professional beauty vlogger. Finding the food delicious, Daesung raised his thumb and hummed, making her fans laugh as he was unable to control his joy,

Daesung vlog

Daesung also took Japanese lessons. According to the male idol, he had been taking Japanese lessons steadily. In the video, Daesung, along with his Japanese teacher, conducted a lecture while watching a Japanese broadcast where he interviewed celebrities. Here, Daesung showed off his fluent Japanese conversation skills and drew attention by talking to a Japanese teacher.

Daesung vlog

In April, Daesung made a comeback with his group BIGBANG and released the new song “Still Life”. This first return in 4 years of the group even won 9 cups on music shows without a single live performance.

Source: Nate


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