Big Mouth and other 2022 K-dramas with their outstanding supporting actors

"Big Mouth" Lee Jong-suk, from an escaped prisoner to a man who can see the future? Get ready for upcoming plot twists!

2022 is a glorious year for Korean television as many interesting works are released. Not only the lead actors but also the supporting ones impressed viewers with their unpredictable transformation.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is one of the most popular dramas in 2022. It tells the story of lawyer Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), who gets caught up in a murder case. In order to survive and protect his family, he digs into a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

In addition to the good lead from the main duo Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, viewers were also impressed by the supporting actors’ performance. Prominent names in the drama include Yang Kyung Won, Kwak Dong Yeon, Jung Jae Jung, Kim Joo Hun… Each actor in the drama was very immersed. They successfully portrayed their characters’ personality and delivered the story in the clearest way.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

It would be a flaw not to mention the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh. To make the work successful is a lot of effort from the cast.

Aside from Park Eun Bin, a series of faces such as Kang Ki Young, Ha Yoon Kyung and Joo Jong Hyuk left a strong impression on viewers. We still remember “spring sunshine” Choi Su Yeon and “Kwon Master of trickery”. They are not only supporting actors but also the factor drawing viewers’ attention to this work.

Twenty Five, Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One is the hottest movie of 2022 in many people’s opinion. The drama marks the first official collaboration between Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk.

Not only Kim Tae Ri but other names like Bona, Choi Hyun Wook and Lee Joo Myung also successfully left an impression on viewers. The interesting point from the drama’s cast is that the synchronization between them and their characters was very close. Thanks to this, their performance became more lively.

Business Proposal

Business Proposal is the most mentioned drama this year. It is led by Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong.

Aside from the main duo’s sweet love story, the stories surrounding the supporting actors also attracted viewers’ attention. In particular, the common point of the characters in this drama is their humorous charm through half laughing and half crying scenes. Some names viewers cannot forget include Kim Min Kyu, Seol In Ah, Lee Deok Hwa, Seo Hye Won…


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