“Big Mouth” actor Oh Eui-shik amazes the viewers with his fierce charisma as Big Mouse organization’s second-in-command


Actor Oh Eui-shik showed Kim Soon-tae’s fierce and charismatic appearance with his intense acting performance in “Big Mouth”.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (created by Jang Young-chul, Jung Kyung-soon/ scripted by Kim Ha-ram/ directed by Oh Chung-hwan) continued to prove its popularity by dominating the hot topic chart. Among the actors, Oh Eui-shik, who plays Kim Soon-tae, a lawyer as well as Park Chang-ho’s best friend and assistant, deeply imprinted his presence in the minds of the viewers.

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In episode 13, Oh Eui-shik portrayed the charisma of the second-in-command in Big Mouse organization with his delicate and powerful lines. Earlier, Noh Park (Yang Hyung-wook), who was identified as the real Big Mouse, shocked everyone when he died in an unexpected explosion. While Noh Park’s funeral was held in a solemn and serious atmosphere, a video revealing his last words was shown on the screen. Noh Park, who now needs someone to lead the organization in a new way, appointed Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) as the new Big Mouse and ordered him to be loyal to the organization. While the members of the organization were wondering who took the video, Kim Soon-tae showed up with an aura that stole the spotlight of the scene.

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Unlike the warm and pleasant appearance he often shows, Kim Soon-tae boldly said, “That’s the last order from Big Mouse” with cool eyes and attitude. With his low-tone voice that overwhelmed the crowd, he asked Park Chang-ho to decide whether to accept the order, giving off a fierce charisma. It was Kim Soon-tae who said ‘Park Chang-ho must be saved” that Big Mouse Noh Park mentioned earlier. The fact that Kim Soon-tae is a key member of Big Mouse organization surprised many viewers. Kim Soon-tae maintained a firm attitude toward Park Chang-ho, who got angry the moment he found out that his friend had deceived him. Kim Soon-tae said, “The moment you show your weakness, it will become a reason for them. If there’s a rebellion, it will be more dangerous for you. So make the right choice”, raising the tension of the drama with his sarcastic voice.

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Meanwhile, Kim Soon-tae’s appearance when he coldly burst out with anger toward Park Yoon-gap (Jung Jae-sung), who acted independently, was also depicted. Ordering the members to attack Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon), he slowly disrupted Park Chang-ho’s plan to bring down the powerful upper classes. Kim Soon-tae’s cold gaze looking down on Park Yoon-gap, who was locked in a car with gasoline poured all over his body, with a torch in his hand was one of the most spectacular scenes that impressed the viewers. 

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Perfectly portraying the image of Kim Soon-tae, from the fierce charms to the deep eyes, Oh Eui-shik proved his strong presence that will not easily disappear from the viewers’ minds. He added more depth to the story with his three-dimensional charms, which include the leadership that overwhelms the audience, his solid determination, and the human aspect of his relationship with Park Chang-ho. Oh Eui-shik transformed completely into Kim Soon-tae and gave an overwhelming performance beyond expectations. As a result, the viewers are more curious about how Kim Soon-tae’s moves will be completed by Oh Eui-shik in the remaining three episodes of “Big Mouth”.

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Meanwhile, MBC’s drama “Big Mouth”, starring Oh Eui-shik, airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. 

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