“Big Mouse” Lee Jong-seok is “shocked” by the real identity of his friend a.k.a his secret helper Oh Eui-sik


Lee Jong-seok was shocked by his friend Oh Eui-sik, who was a member of the “Big Mouse” organization.

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth,” which aired on Sep 9th, Park Chang-ho (played by Lee Jong-seok) was shocked by his friend Kim Soon-tae (played by Oh Eui-sik), who was a member of the Big Mouse organization.

Noh Park (played by Yang Hyung-wook) said in a video at Big Mouse’ funeral hall, “I would like to inform my beloved family. We have not refused to do anything illegal or expedient for a greater cause all this time. The obstacles that prevent us have been removed by all means. Our methods will no longer work. Now we need someone to lead the organization in a new way. I’m going to give him all my authority. His ability has been fully verified. He is more meticulous and brave than I am. If you are watching this video, this means I am at a peaceful place now. From this moment on, Big Mouse is not me, but Park Chang-ho. Be loyal to him. This is my will and last order,” he said, handing over his authority to Park Chang-ho.

big mouth

In response, Park Yoon-gap (Jeong Jae-sung) said, “Who filmed that video? Is anyone there? You took it, right? You’re the one who met the boss most recently.” He suspected Park Chang-ho, saying, “Do you manipulate that video to take over this whole organization?” Kim Soon-tae then appeared, saying, “I took it,” and Park Chang-ho was shocked to see him.

big mouth


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