Bibi “My blood was up due to transit relationship”


Rapper Bibi revealed her love story.

Gree and Eom Ji-yoon appeared on TVING’s original program “Witch Hunt 2022” (hereinafter referred to as “Witch Hunt”), which was released on Sep 23rd.

witch hunt

On this day’s broadcast, the story of a troubled woman was revealed. She said, “I’m thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend, who had a one-night stand with another woman during our hibernating breakup.”

witch hunt

Regarding this, Bibi said, “I was in a transit relationship before. My boyfriend had a girlfriend with whom he had been dating for a year before dating me. After breaking up with her, he dated me for about 6 months.”

witch hunt

She confessed, “But after breaking up with him, I heard that he and the girlfriend with whom he had been dating for a year were getting married… You know what? I was used to make this happy and lovely couple. This man used me to realize how precious this woman is.”

witch hunt

She made everyone laugh by venting her anger, “But really… I became Patjwi. I became Patjwi. I didn’t do anything wrong. In order for The Magistrate to fall in love with Kongjwi and live happily ever after! I was supposed to be Patjwi! It made me so angry.” (Kongjwi and Patjwi – traditional Korean romance story)

witch hunt

Meanwhile, “Witch Hunt 2022” is a talk show that deals with all aspects of the reality of love.

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