Beijing police officially confirmed the arrest of Li Yifeng, administrative punishment for soliciting prostitution 


CCTV officially confirmed that Li Yifeng is an actor who was arrested by the police for soliciting prostitution. The incident is shaking the whole Chinese showbiz.

2 days now, Li Yifeng is in the center of the media’s attention with rumors of soliciting prostitution.  According to Sohu, on September 10, the Beijing police issued an official notice that named Li Yifeng who had solicited prostitution. In the official Weibo post, the Beijing police confirmed that the actor had admitted to all the charges, was detained by the police and administratively sanctioned in accordance with the law.

After the news was confirmed, Li Yifeng’s case shocked the media with more than 100 million hits on Weibo.  This is the highest traffic post ever on this social network. Currently, many brands have stopped their exclusive promotion contracts with the actor, including the luxury fashion brand Prada for which the actor is an ambassador.

It is worth mentioning that on the evening of September 10, Li Yifeng still posted a notice of correction and a letter to claim his innocent. After only 30 minutes, the actor quickly deleted all this petition. M Currently, Li Yifeng faces the risk of being completely banned from working in the entertainment industry. The image and name of this actor has been erased from the Weibo page of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China. The Mid-Autumn Festival performance on CCTV by actor surnamed Li on September 10 was also canceled at the last minute.

Besides, the actor also has to face many rumors such as dating hot girl Blase Loan Loan and others and making friends with scandalous idol Seungri… Along with being convicted of soliciting prostitution, the image of Li Yifeng officially collapsed in the hearts of the audience, facing the risk of entirely losing his career and having to take full responsibility for his actions.


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