Behind-the-scenes Footage Of BLACKPINK Jennie Proves Why She’s The Darling Of Fashion Brands


No filter nor editing, BLACKPINK Jennie glows as if she’s a walking photoshoot!

Alongside being a famous Kpop idol, BLACKPINK Jennie is also a big name in the fashion world, as the global ambassadors of luxury brands and models of various others. But why is Jennie so popular? A look into her behind-the-scenes footage may be super telling. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie boasts a high-fashion vibe even in unedited photos. 

Even in unedited behind photos, Jennie boasts a chic and luxurious aura rivaled by none. 

jennie blackpink
There’s never a moment when the female idol is not slaying. 

Previously, a photo of Jennie dozing off on the set easily stole hearts due to the perfect physique and aura, even when she was asleep. In a strapless and body-hugging gown, Jennie was deadly eye-catching. 

jennie blackpink
A photo of Jennie asleep was so powerful it went viral.

From visuals, aura, to her perfect body, Jennie can look outstanding even in behind-the-scenes footage. She’s just a complete natural in the fashion world.

jennie blackpink
Jennie can look drop-dead gorgeous with the simplest edit.

In fact, just edit the lights a little and behind photos of Jennie are ready to be published in magazines. It’s no wonder why brands just adore this BLACKPINK member. 

jennie blackpink
Every photo of the female idol can be put in fashion magazines. 

No matter what kind of outfits there are, Jennie can make them shine. In fact, many fashion items have become trendy after Jennie wore them – showing just how much of a trendmaker she is. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie can turn rags into high fashion.

Many idols require heavy editing and directions when they shoot commercial shots and pictorials. However, this has never been a necessity for Jennie, who can turn everything she’s given into high fashion. 

jennie blackpink
Many idols require heavy editing and directions during commercial shots and pictorials, but that has never been the case for Jennie

With her straight shoulders, apparent curves, and chic appearance, Jennie steals the spotlight whenever she goes. Therefore, there’s no editing needed when it comes to Jennie. 

jennie blackpink
There’s no editing needed when it comes to Jennie

It’s no exaggeration to say that Jennie is one of a kind. The female idol also boasts great versatility and can go from naive and dreamy to seductive and rebellious in a heartbeat. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie shines in simple tee and jeans. 

In some cases, behind the scenes photos of Jennie draw even more eyes than fully-edited ones. These photos often show off Jennie’s real figure, her softer charm, as well as the extremely alluring collarbone. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie’s sexy figure with her notable collarbone in an unedited shot. 

In flared pants, Jennie looks way taller than her real height. The tight top also excellently highlights her small waist, while puffy sleeves make the female idol all the more mighty. 

jennie blackpink
There’s no costume Jennie cannot rock. 


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