Are BTS Jungkook and Jay Park planning a collab after BTS announced the suspension of their group activity


Singer Jay Park showed his affection for BTS Jungkook.

In a recent Instagram live broadcast, Jay Park was asked by a netizen, “How did you feel when you met Jungkook?”nIn response, he said, “Jungkook is very humble and cool,” adding, “We are 10 years apart, but the atmosphere is good when we are together. I like Jungkook’s vocal tone.”

BTS Jungkook and Jay Park

Earlier in April, Jay Park posted a photo with Jungkook on his Instagram along with the caption “At the top but is always humble, and keep on developing. A cool guy.” At the time, he said of Jungkook, “The Super Cool Guy is even good at boxing,” adding, “After meeting Jungkook, I could clearly see why he was loved so much. Jungkook is humble, gentle and talented,” Jay Park praised.

BTS Jungkook

Expectations for a collaboration between them have also risen at their surprise meeting, but no one has said anything about this yet. Meanwhile, BTS, the group to which Jungkook belongs, announced on Jun 14th that they would temporarily suspend their group activities. BTS members said they made the decision while thinking about the team’s identity, adding, “Even if we pause, relax, and rest, we are still moving forward for more time in the future.”

Source: Nate


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