An idol who turned into an actress in 2017 covered the trending song ‘Hype boy’ by NewJeans

An idol who turned into an actress in 2017 covered the trending song 'Hype boy' by NewJeans

Bora, a former member of the girl group SISTAR, covered NewJeans’ ‘Hype Boy’.

Hype Boy, a song by HYBE’s rookie group NewJeans, is gaining popularity. This song expresses the emotions of a teenage girl who is in love, and is famous for its acttractive choreography.

Sistar Bora Hype Boy

As it’s going viral recently, many celebrities including Astro Moonbin, LE SSERAFIM Kazuha and Hong Eun-chae, and IZ*ONE member Lee Chae-yeon are uploading cover videos of this song.

Sistar Bora Hype Boy

In the midst of this, a member of a famous girl group that was officially disbanded in 2017 covered ‘Hype Boy’ and immediately drew attention.

Sistar Bora Hype Boy

In particular, SISTAR Bora updated a video on her Instagram on the 10th with the caption, “I want to dance, NewJeans”.

In the released video, Bora appeared in a loose-fitting white T-shirt and black training pants. She surprised everyone by showing off her rust-free dancing skills to New Jeans’ ‘Hype boy’.

Sistar Bora Hype Boy

Netizens who saw this left various comments, such as “Sistar’s skills aren’t going anywhere”, “Wow, you’re still good at dancing”, “Can’t SISTAR make a comeback as a whole”, etc

Sistar Bora Hype Boy

Bora, who debuted as a member of the group SISTAR in 2010, received great love thanks to numerous hit songs such as ‘So cool’, ‘Loving U’, ‘Touch My Body’, and ‘SHAKE IT’. After the group disbanded in 2017, she turned into an actress and appeared in various productions. 

Sistar Bora Hype Boy

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