An actress who is accused to be “the 50-year-old cheating actress” revealed her position


On Sep 22nd, her agency SWMP said, “We have confirmed that false information related to actress Kim Jung-young is spreading.

It continued, “They put unconfirmed false information in the title and uploaded the video as if it was real, making it difficult for both the actress and her family.” It also warned, “We would like to announce that those who wrote posts and comments that disseminate false information, defamation, malicious rumors and slander, and personal attacks will be deleted immediately.

Kim Jung-young

Previously, a YouTuber pointed out that Kim Jung-young was the mentioned actress in her 50s that was accused of marriage fraud and special threatening. In the video first posted on Sep 15th, Kim Jung-young’s face was revealed in the video thumbnail. They even referred to her real name in the title “Exposing 27-year actress Kim Jung-young’s affair & sponsor” to induce clicks. As of 4 pm on Sep 22nd, this video has not yet been taken down.

Kim Jung-young has been featured in movies such as ‘Mother and Daughter’, ‘F20’, ‘Finding Angel’, ‘The Day I Died’, ’69’, ‘Kim Ji-young: Born 1982’, ‘Memoir of a Murderer’. She is an actress who has been recognized for her acting skills in various categories such as small roles, supporting roles, and leading roles. She also made her face known in dramas such as ‘Eve’, ‘River Where the Moon Rises’, ‘Do you like Brahms?’, ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles’, ‘Spring Night’, and ‘Signal’.

Kim Jung-young

It is reported that a man in his 50s, who claimed to previously have an affair with an actress in her 50s, has sued this certain actress on charges of marriage fraud and making special threats. The man claimed that he had been in a relationship with actress A for two years until July of this year, and provided her financial support such as  various living expenses, her children’s education expenses, and even buying her a car.

A made her debut as a movie actress in the 1990s, and she is said to still be active in dramas and movies until recently.

Kim Jung-young

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