An actress recognized by people on the street as Hyun Bin’s wife 5 years ago


Shin Hyun-bin, who just began to make her presence known to the public at that time, appeared as Hwa-ryung, the wife of Im Cheol-ryung (Hyun Bin) in “Confidential Assignment”. 

Although it was a brief appearance, she was praised for showing a strong yet mournful appearance and bringing the film’s emotions to life.

Shin Hyun-bin met the director at an event and they later had a meeting. Although her broadcast footage was short, she was attracted to the fact that she would play an important character that affected the work’s atmosphere, so she decided to appear.

It was a brief appearance, but Shin Hyun-bin thoroughly studied the North Korean dialect and analyzed her character by studying how the act of putting rice balls into mouth was perceived in North Korea.

Thanks to this, Shin Hyun-bin became known to the public through this film. She left a strong impression on viewers to the point that people on the street recognized her as Hyun Bin’s wife in “Confidential Assignment“.

Afterwards, Shin Hyun-bin was stamped on the public’s memory as an actress who took on the role of top stars’ wife as she appeared as the wife of Jang Dong-gun in the movie “Seven Years of Night”, Ha Jung-woo in “Take Point”, “The Closet” and Cha Seung-won in “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee”.

Source: daum


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