An actor whose childhood photos went viral because his face looked exactly the same as now 

An actor whose childhood photos went viral because his face looked exactly the same as now 

Looking at these childhood photos, anyone can tell who this actor is. 

Photos of a little boy wearing a white shirt, a denim jumpsuit, and yellow shoes with a cheeky smile on his face once heated up the Internet community when they were first released a few years ago as they were said to be childhood photos of a popular actor. 

The actor in question is Lee Jong Suk, who has been the talk of the town lately thanks to his outstanding lead role in MBC’s ongoing drama “Big Mouth”. Looking at Lee Jong Suk’s childhood photos, fans are amazed at how his face hasn’t changed one bit, only the body has grown. 

Lee Jong Suk is 186 cm tall and boasts an incredible proportion with long legs and a fist-sized face. Before debuting as an actor in the 2010 drama “Prosecutor Princess”, he started out in the modeling industry and walked the runway as a fashion model. In 2005, Lee Jong Suk, a freshman in high school, became the youngest male model in the Seoul Collection. 

According to Lee Jong Suk, he originally dreamed of becoming an actor rather than a model. After leaving a lasting impression with a minor role in “Secret Garden”, Lee Jong Suk has been active in various movies and dramas. He enlisted in the military in 2019, served as a social worker before getting discharged in January 2021.

Lee Jong Suk chose the sequel to the film “The Witch” as his first work after discharge. Although his screen time in “The Witch 2” is small, he still manages to make the audiences gasp with his impactful long-haired visuals and flawless acting. 

In addition, in the upcoming movie “Decibel” with Kim Rae Won and Cha Eun Woo, Lee Jong Suk transforms into a navy captain, drawing high expectations for both his looks and acting. With his passionate performance in “Big Mouth”, Lee Jong Suk is getting mentioned as a strong candidate for the Daesang (Grand Prize) at year-end acting awards.

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