Amber Heard Says She Still Loves Johnny Depp Despite Trial Loss

Amber Heard Says She Still Has Love For Johnny Depp & Knows She's Not A Perfect Victim

Amber Heard Says She Still Has Love For Johnny Depp & Knows She’s Not A Perfect Victim

In the second part of her first post-trial interview with NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie on “Today Show,” Amber Heard opens up about her life after the trial that has affected her career and pockets.

Miss Heard was asked if she’s worried about being sued again by her ex-husband Johnny Depp for defamation.

The actress replied, “I’m scared that no matter what I do, no matter what I say or how I say it, every step that I take will present another opportunity for this sort of silencing,” she said. “know he promised it,” she said.

“I testified to this. I’m not a good victim, I get it, I’m not a likable victim, I’m not a perfect victim. But when I testified I asked the jury to just see me as human and hear his own words, which is a promise to do this. It feels as though he has,” she continued.

Heard was then asked if she wanted to see Depp “canceled” for the things she claimed he did to her. Heard said, “Of course not. It wasn’t about him.”

Asked about Johnny today, Heard admitted, “I love him. I loved him with all my heart. And I tried the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work. I couldn’t. No bad feelings or ill will towards him at all.”

She continued, “I know that might be hard to understand or it might be really easy to understand, if you’ve ever loved anyone it should be easy.”


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