Aiki revealed her 17-year-younger brother, turning her hometown into a sea of tears


Aiki’s family will be unveiled for the first time on “The Manager”.

In the 203rd episode of MBC’s “”The Manager” ” (planned by Park Jung-kyu / Directed bby Yoon Hye-jin, Lee Joon-beom), which airs on June 11th, Aiki is shown having her first reunion with her family in a long time. The meeting between Aiki and her family, which was full of tears, is expected to move the viewers’ hearts.


On this day, Aiki visited her hometown in Dangjin with the HOOK members. Aiki’s parents even prepared a banner saying, “Welcome Hook’s visit,” welcoming them enthusiastically. At the same time, Aiki’s third sister and the youngest brother, who is 17 years younger than her, appeared and caught all the attention.

They began to talk about past memories while enjoying the feast prepared by Aiki’s parents. Among them, it is revealed that Aiki’s father once told her to get a job at a bank instead of dancing. Now, in front of his daughter, who has succeeded and returned as a promotional model of a bank, Aiki’s father is said to reveal why he opposed her dancing career in the past, adding to the curiosity.


Aiki then reads the letter she prepared. Despite her constantly bubbly and energetic appearance, Aiki was filled with emotion and shed tears while reading her letter. Rumor has it that not only her parents but also the HOOK members were moved by Aiki’s sincere letter, and the scene quickly became a sea of tears.

What is the story that Aiki wanted to convey through her letter? How will her parents react? MBC’s “The Manager,” where you can check out the touching reunionr of Aiki’s family, will air at 11:10 p.m. today (Jun 11th).


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