After Irene (Red Velvet), Chanyeol (EXO) and Zheng Shuang, Prada faces another bad luck with brand ambassador 

After Irene (Red Velvet), Chanyeol (EXO) and Zheng Shuang, Prada faces another bad luck with brand ambassador 

Li Yifeng, detained for soliciting prostitutes, continues the “scandalous tradition” of Prada ambassadors. 

Prada Ambassador
Prada ambassadors are under criticism. (Image: Vogue) 

Li Yifeng is detained

On the afternoon of September 11th, Li Yifeng is sentenced to prison after many scandals of visiting prostitutes, leading to a major downfall in his career. Li Yifeng is being publicly “canceled” by the media and the public. 

Li Yifeng
Li Yifeng sparked controversies in light of reputation-damaging news. (Image: Weibo) 
Li Yifeng
The Chinese actor is facing a sentence to prison. (Image: Sohu) 

Prada, the partner brand with Li Yifeng, is dealing with considerable damages. In light of the scandals, Prada unilaterally terminated the contract with the actor. 

Li Yifeng
Prada unilaterally ended its contract with Li Yifeng. (Image: Prada) 

Zheng Shuang is involved in relationship scandal 

Zheng Shuang is another Prada ambassador that got into a shocking scandal with her former spouse Zhang Heng. Her ex-husband once spoiled their entire paperwork on the internet, stating the pair had two children in the US by two surrogate mothers. The actress allegedly abandoned the babies, heating up controversies on the internet as the public could not accept her action. 

Zheng Shuang’s past misconduct was also dug up, causing the actress to lose even more favor from fans. The rumors of her preparing to make a comeback after a period of no activities spark another round of gossip and debates. 

Zheng Shuang
Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng got into a fight. (Image: Sina) 
Zheng Shuang
Internet users and the general public were displeased by the actress’s behavior, and canceling the actress. (Image: Pinterest) 
Zheng Shuang
Prada was in trouble when their ambassador was caught in a scandal. (Image: Weibo) 

Irene and Chanyeol were entangled in a chain of controversies 

In September 2020, Irene and Chaneyol were announced to be the brand ambassadors for the fashion house Prada. They both appeared in Vogue Korea magazine as a public announcement. However, the two were caught in detrimental rumors not long after. 

Irene Red Velvet
Irene became a promising face adored and loved by Prada. (Image: Vogue) 
exo chanyeol
Chanyeol was also Prada’s ambassador. (Image: Vogue) 

On 22nd October 2020, a stylist accused Irene for disrespecting and cussing at her for a long 20 minutes and enclosed a recording as evidence. The accusation was out in daylight and the idol was under major backlash from the general public. 

Many industry insiders showed support for the stylist. Some also recalled the idol being hard to work with and did not want anyone to touch her. After that, Irene admitted to the allegations and apologized for her behavior. 

Irene was accused of having problematic behaviors. (Image: Kpopping) 
Irene Red Velvet
Many people also raised their voice over the idol’s manners. (Image: Pinterest) 
Irene Red Velvet
Irene quickly admitted and apologized. (Image: Pinterest) 

At the end of October 2020, EXO’s Chanyeol was the talk of the town when a self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend of his accused the idol of having affairs with 10 different girls. The person also showed evidence of their relationship. Moreover, they also teased having a recording as proof. The vague response from SM at the time confused the public and fans even more. 

EXO Chanyeol
Chanyeol was caught in a relationship scandal for cheating. (Image: Pann) 
EXO Chanyeol
A group of audiences still have not forgotten about Chanyeol’s past scandals. (Image: Pinterest) 

It came as a coincidence that the ambassadors for Prada have had scandals at varying degrees. Hence, fans are holding hopes that this “Prada curse” will cease to exist so that the industry can have its time of peace. 

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