After ex-convict, over-exposing scenes and mixed dorm, EDEN is accused of power abuse towards the cast and viewers


“EDEN” is promoted as the Korean version of “Too Hot Too Handle,” but until now, only embarrassing controversy continues under its name.

The production team of Wavve’s exclusive entertainment show “EDEN” is not only pushing the cast to stay with each other without consent but is also abusing its power to viewers who ask for an explanation. 

In the latest episode of the Wavve original entertainment show “EDEN”, which was released on the afternoon of Jun 21st, Shin Ji-hyun, who won the “Couple Dodgeball,” is shown assigning rooms for other members. When the members realized that they would be sleeping in one room with people of different sex, they showed how disturbed they were.

In particular, Lee Seung-jae protested harshly to the production team. Lee Seungjae said, “Are you kidding me? Why do you guys keep on pushing me? I really want to pack up and go right now. I can be more specific. There is a line that I keep in mind, but if I had known that we had to stay in the same room with people of different sex, I wouldn’t  have appeared,” he said in anger. The production team then replied to Lee Seung-jae, who was angry, saying “We are curious about what kind of conversation you guys will have at night. It’s just a tool to show what kind of conversation can be made between people who are interested in each other,” they persuaded.

EDEN is accused of power abuse towards the cast and viewers

Lee Seung-jae joined the program again because he couldn’t win against the production team’s persuasion. In fact, it seems that Lee Seung-jae, as a cast member and a normal person, had no choice in filming the program. Lee Seung-jae, who experienced an absurd situation from the production team, had to apologized to other performers, ironically. However, after that, the conversations at night between people who like each other, like what the production team persuaded Lee with, did not appear on the program at all.

And again, “EDEN” last week’s broadcast is brought back. The cast in swimsuits are shown having body conversations, wearing revealing clothes while playing chicken fight and couple dodgeball. Naturally, the angle of zooming into the cast’s exposed body parts followed. There are also scenes of the members unnaturally applying sunscreen and tanning oil on each other. These scenes are said to be too much for a show that is rated as 15-and-above.

The production team of “EDEN” and Wavve have not given any explanation to viewers about the cast member who has a history of assault. It was a complete exposure as if ignoring the demand for clarification. They seem to be enjoying the controversy by making this cast member appear at the center of the love line.

The previous broadcast of “EDEN” recorded 0.186% (Nielsen Korea’s cable standard). However, in the OTT platform Wavve, which represents Korea, it is doing well by ranking high. On the other hand, the attitude that it does not matter as long as the program is a success is understandable.

The rise of new stars is a prerequisite for entertainment shows featuring ordinary participants. However, it is questionable whether cast members can become stars in a situation where only the controversial record is highlighted.

If the content direction of Wavve, one of Korea’s representative OTTs, is “EDEN”, it is difficult to decide whether to support it or not. Attention is focused on whether “EDEN’s My Way” will continue.

Source: Daum


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