After BTS Announced A Temporary Suspension Of Group Activities, J-Hope Shared This Touching Photo 


J-Hope’s latest Instagram post is making fans sob. 

On June 15th, BTS’s J-Hope posted new photos on his personal Instagram with the caption, “Yet to come”. The first picture especially caught the attention of fans and netizens.

The photo shows a tattoo of the number ‘7’ near the ankle on the back of the male idol’s calf. This seems to be the friendship tattoo that symbolizes the members’ bond, which was recently mentioned by BTS leader RM. Before J-Hope, RM also revealed the ‘7’ tattoo on his ankle on Instagram on June 10th.


J-Hope’s friendship tattoo was posted on the day after BTS members announced a temporary hiatus regarding group activities to focus on solo careers, so seeing the meaningful tattoo made fans even more emotional. 


Korean netizens left comments on Theqoo:

  • “Did all the members decide to go with 7 for their group tattoo??”
  • “He couldn’t even get his ears pierced back in the day… A tattoo…”
  • “J-Hope didn’t have his ears pierced and used clip-on earrings because he was afraid of getting sick, now got this friendship tattoo. I’m in tears.”
  • “Our scaredy-cat Hobi ㅠㅠ I’m sobbing ㅠㅠ”
  • “It’s touching and I love that J-Hope, who couldn’t even get his ears pierced, got a tattoo now… ” 
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Regarding the announcement of the temporary suspension of BTS group activities, Big Hit Music said that there was some misunderstanding. On June 15th, Big Hit Music released an official statement and explained, “The members will do a lot of solo activities in the future. But there will also be group activities in parallel.” 

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Meanwhile, BTS dropped their new album ‘Proof’ on June 10th. The title track quickly landed at the top of various music charts upon its release. 

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