aespa’s Karina turns into a real-life Disney princess in teaser images for “Life’s Too Short”


Karina shows off her unrivaled beauty in the teaser images for aespa’s new song. 

On June 22nd, SM Entertainment dropped teaser images for aespa’s first English single ‘Life’s Too Short’ through the group’s official SNS. In the pink-themed teasers, four members show off their dreamy visuals, with leader Karina taking the most spotlight thanks to her flawless beauty. 

aespa karina

Wearing a black hairband and choker, Karina with her natural wavy long hair stuns in every shot. The way she looks at the camera captures fans’ hearts. 

aespa karina

Karina boasts her unrealistically perfect facial features, such as her sharp jawline, plump lips, luxurious tall nose and big eyes. She also flaunts a goddess-like figure by pulling off the pink sleeveless dress, which is not easy to look good in. 

aespa karina

In a group photo, Karina lays down on a pink bed and smiles prettily at the camera, giving off high-teen vibes like a female protagonist of an American coming-of-age drama. She also caught the attention by revealing her unique nail art while holding a pink guitar in another photo. 


Fans have been showing enthusiastic reactions to Karina’s teasers such as “She’s really beautiful”, “Karina is crazy”, “I’m really looking forward to aespa’s new song”. 

Meanwhile, aespa’s first English single ‘Life’s Too Short’, a medium-tempo pop song with a sweet guitar melody and bright, hopeful lyrics, will be released on various music streaming platforms at 1 pm KST on June 24th. 


aespa performed ‘Life’s Too Short’ for the first time at Coachella, America’s largest music festival, in April, and received great responses from fans around the world.

Source: insight


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