aespa Winter transforms into a fairy with golden bob hair ahead of comeback


aespa member Winter showed off her beauty with her new golden bob cut. 

On June 18th, a congratulatory video message was posted on the official SNS of SM Entertainment, in celebration of the birthday of SM founder and executive producer Lee Soo Man. 

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The released post featured various SM artists, including SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, and more. aespa members, including Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning also showed up. 

While all members flaunt spectacular visuals, Winter attracted a lot of attention with her changed hairstyle. 

In particular, the female idol adorned a short bob hair cut dyed in a beautiful gold. This is the first time Winter opted for such a style ever since her debut. 

Winter appeared in an eye-catching new hairstyle. 

The new haircut excellently highlighted Winter’s dazzling beauty, making the idol look like a glowing fairy. It seemed that Winter was also pleased with her new style, having made various poses within the video. 

Winter’s bright and bubbly personality also added to her charms, and fans’ responses regarding the new hairstyle have so far been explosive. The female idol was basically showered in praises, with comments like “I want to copy the hairstyle” and “Winter’s so pretty” filling up SNS platforms.

aespa will make their comeback with the second mini-album “Girls” on July 8th, so the change in style may be done in preparation for the album, driving high anticipations. 


“Girls” will consist of a total of 6 songs, including the title song of the same name. The new ep will explore deeper the music world of aespa, as well as show off the group’s more mature vocal charms. 

Winter changed her hairstyle ahead of comeback
The short blonde bob made the female idol look like a fairy

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