Aespa Released Poster For SMCU Worldview Season 1


Girl group aespa of SM Entertainment recently dropped a poster for the SM Culture Universe Season 1, more content to be unlocked. 

The poster of SMCU Worldview Season 1, which was released on various social media platforms of girl group aespa on June 16th, attracts attention thanks to the charisma of aespa and their counterparts æ-aespa.


SMCU Wordview Season 1 will be a mixed video content that provides insights into the SMCU (SM Culture Universe), which is presented by SM as the core value and vision of the future entertainment world. The content is credited as “produced by CAWMAN”, explained as C for “Cartoon”, A for “Animation”, W for “Webtoon”, M for “Motion graphics”, A for “Avatar”, and N for “Novel”.


In May 2021, the first episode of the SMCU Worldview season 1, “Black Mamba”, was released, featuring aespa and their alter egos, æ-aespa. Meanwhile, the next episode, “Next Level”, will show aespa trying to solve the SYNK OUT phenomenon with the help of their æ.


This 2nd episode will be released on the official Youtube channel of aespa on June 20th, at 6 p.m (KST). 

Source: daum


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