aespa expanded their universe with Ep 2 of SMCU


Kpop girl group aespa headed into the wilderness in the newly-released episode of SMCU, boasting a completely unique concept. 

At 6 p.m (KST), June 20th, aespa released the 2nd episode titled “Next Level” of their SMCU (SM Culture Universe) series.


Previously, the group boasted a movie-like scale and story through their Ep.1 “Black Mamba”, while this 2nd episode cemented the worldview and further the plot. 

In this episode, aespa continued the story of the previous video, where they left for KWANYA with the help of nævis, in order to solve the SYNK OUT phenomenon, which caused them to lose connection with their respective æ.


The message and texture in this new worldview video, which takes on the title of aespa’s hit song “Next Level”, induces a strong sense of immersion. The video also portrayed realistically and interestingly the tale of aespa members getting confused by their hallucinations of the Black Mamba, which interferes with their connection with æ-aespa. It also ended on a cliffhanger, driving curiosity from fans, and teasing more stories and adventures involving aespa in the SMCU. 


In addition to the plot development, other elements such as the virtual world and wilderness, the relationships between aespa members and their ae, as well as unique graphic animations reminiscent of webtoons, help double the fun of watching. According to SM Entertainment, these all belong to their new genre called ‘CAWMAN’, with C representing for Cartoon, A for Animation, W for Webtoon, M for Motion graphics, A for Avatar, and N for Novel.


Through the worldview video, fans can grasp and enjoy contents that belong within the metaverse of SM Entertainment, which is named SMCU (SM Culture Universe). Here, the SMCU is a future entertainment world and culture where there are no boundaries between reality and virtual reality.


This new episode of SMCU was released ahead of aespa’s upcoming return, sparking high expectations for aespa, who have solidified their identity as a “metaverse girl group” since debut. The group will release their 2nd mini album “Girls” on July 8th, and promote a title song of the same name.

Source: daum


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