Actress Tang Wei Went Viral For Her Cute Reaction In An Interview, Even Compared To A Puppy


A video of actress Tang Wei is receiving plenty of comments for her cute reaction towards a male co-star.

On June 14th, a post titled “Tang Wei in a moment of embarrassment” was published on the Korean forum Theqoo, quickly drawing attention. A video was attached to this particular post. 

Said video is one capturing the interview of Tang Wei and her co-star, actor Park Hae Il. It was streamed on the YouTube channel “CJ E&M Movie”. The couple recently worked together on the film “Decision to Leave”, which will hit the big screen on the 29th of June. 

tang wei

In the video, Park Hae Il extended his right hand towards Tang Wei to indicate that he should answer first. The actor did not say anything, so his gesture left Tang Wei confused. 

Tang Wei, who was speaking in Chinese at the time, was perplexed to see Park Hae Il’s extended hand. She pondered for a moment, before staring at him, eyes wide. 

tang wei cute

Then, she made a surprising reaction: putting her hand on top of Park Hae Il’s right hand. She then held his hand tenderly, looking extremely cute and confused. At first, Park Hae Il looked a bit embarrassed, but then he held Tang Wei resolutely. 

Below is a cut of the scene: 

tang wei cute

The full video, in which Tang Wei’s reaction started at the 5:05 mark: 

tang wei cute
Comments on Korean forum theqoo.

Tang Wei’s cute reaction soon became a hot topic among netizens, who praised the actress and even compared her to the puppy of former broadcaster Park Ki Ryang. 

In particular, Park Ki Ryang previously appeared on the MBN show “Flying Girl” in 2018, along with her puppy. 

park ki ryang

During an interview with the production team, the former broadcaster unconsciously put her palm forward, and her dog quickly reacted by putting its paw on the open palm. The scene is captured in the footage below:

Source: wikitree


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