Actress Nana revealed a photo of her current body, drawing netizens’ attention


Former After School member Nana flaunted her slim body.

On the 11th, Nana posted two photos with a black heart-shaped emoticon on her Instagram.

In the published photo, Nana is wearing a bra top mixed with leggings and taking a mirror selfie.

On this day, she surprised fans by revealing her toned abs and incredibly slim waist. Her angular shoulders and slim figure without any excess fat have attracted attention.

In addition to being known as a female idol, Nana also has a remarkable modeling career. Many netizens admire her gorgeous body proportions with her current height and weight of 171 cm and 48 kg.

nana instagram

In the last photo, Nana’s body exudes charm and elegance in the monochrome black and white filter.

nana instagram

Some netizens commented, “She’s so pretty and slim”, “She’s so hot”, “These photos make me want to go to the gym right away”, “Her body is amazing!” and “What an excellent woman!” “.

nana instagram

Nana debuted as a member of After School in 2009 and is also active in the unit Orange Caramel.


Returning as an actress, Nana will participate in Netflix’s original series “Glitch” as the female lead, collaborating with actress Jeon Yeo Bin. She is also in talks to star in the upcoming Netflix’s original series Mask Girl’.

Source: wikitree


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