A versatile actor who makes everyone forget he was originally a singer


The range of Lee Seung Gi’s acting is what makes him stand out.

Lee Seung Gi started out as a singer before turning to acting. However, unlike many singer-turned actors, he has never once caused the audience to doubt his acting. In fact, most viewers are not even aware that Lee Seung Gi was originally a singer and not an actor. This is because of his solid acting skills and versatile performance in different roles. 

Love According To The Law

When Lee Seung Gi made his acting debut in 2004 in the sitcom “Nonstop”, his singing career was already blooming, so not many people think he would make acting his main job. However, 5 years after landing his first role, Lee Seung Gi was cast in a lead role and now, he has been acting for 13 years, bagging multiple iconic works. 

Lee Seung Gi’s dedication and seriousness when it comes to acting is what makes him succeed. His first lead role is the son of a rich family in “Brilliant Legacy”, which became a massive hit. Lee Seung Gi originally had an innocent and reliable image that earned him the title “nation’s son-in-law”, but when portraying a troublemaker rich guy, he still nailed the part. 


Next, in “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho”, he transforms into a shy guy who falls in love with a nine-tailed fox and later becomes stronger and more courageous. This is one of the most successful dramas in Lee Seung Gi’s career that made him a top actor.

In “Gu Family Book”, Lee Seung Gi has a tough and loyal image that captures viewers’ hearts. He shows off a completely different charm from “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho” and stuns viewers with his impressive range. 


In “The King 2 Hearts”, Lee Seung Gi took on a royal role. He played a prince who acts shallow on the outside but is more serious and deeper than anyone when it comes to love. 

Over the years, Lee Seung Gi has challenged himself in more mature roles and moved past the flower boy image. The action genre marked a turn in Lee Seung Gi’s acting career. In “You’re All Surrounded” and “Vagabond”, he proved that acting sequences couldn’t make it difficult for him. At the same time, Lee Seung Gi’s emotional acting still shines in every role he takes on, regardless of genre.


Last year, Lee Seung Gi made a buzzworthy comeback in the mystery thriller drama “Mouse” and made waves with his phenomenal portrayal of a semi-villain. From a kindhearted police officer with innocent eyes, he transformed into a cold-blooded criminal that gave viewers goosebumps.


Of course, the romantic comedy genre has to be mentioned when it comes to Lee Seung Gi’s works. Lee Seung Gi has a great ability to create chemistry with his female co-stars. “Hwayugi” and “The Law Cafe” can be considered two representative rom-com dramas of Lee Seung Gi. Although “The Law Cafe” has just premiered, the heart-fluttering combination of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young is already promising.

the law cafe

Throughout 13 years of acting with 9 lead roles, Lee Seung Gi has tried various genres, from family melodrama, fantasy, action, mystery thriller, historical, to romcom. In a variety of characters, he has proved how versatile he is as an actor, making viewers forget that he was originally a singer. 


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