A serious problem arises shortly after IU’s successful solo concert 


Although IU’s concert was successfully held, there have been complaints about management.

IU’s concert “The Golden Hour – Under the Orange Sun”, held on September 17th and 18th at the Olympic Main Stadium in Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, recently ended with great success, boasting IU’s unrivaled presence in the K-pop scene. At the two-day concert, IU sang 25 songs live for about 3 hours. A total of about 90 people, including large-scale orchestras, bands, and dancers, appeared on the stage with IU. 

IU concert

In particular, about 1,400 staff reportedly gathered to prepare for the concert. As it was a large-scale concert with about 80,000 attendees on two days, the tickets were distributed in detail from A to H. A separate Uaena zone was also formed for Uaenas, IU’s fandom. A large number of staff were required to conduct various event booths and guide visitors.


Therefore, it was important to distinguish between the staff and the audience. Around 1,400 staff working at the concert were wearing the official “Golden Hour” T-shirt made by New Balance, the brand for which IU is currently an advertising model.


However, a serious problem related to this has arisen after the concert. The “Golden Hour” T-shirt, which was produced as a limited edition, was sold at a high price on a second-hand website targeting IU’s fandom. The price of a T-shirt worn throughout the day was between 150,000 won and 200,000 won per piece. On one site, it was even sold at a whopping 1.5 million won. 


IU’s agency, Edam Entertainment, was aware of this and said that they had retrieved all of the staff’s T-shirts to prevent this situation. However, it was impossible to track the whereabouts of all 1,400 staff to find who were trying to sell the T-shirts. 


Some IU’s fans requested that Edam Entertainment designate the T-shirt as an official MD in the future so that anyone can purchase it at a reasonable price. In response, the agency said, “It is impossible to proceed with the production of a new concert MD due to the schedule of the MD reservation. However, we will deliver the T-shirt production to relevant departments.”

Source: wikitree


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