A Girl Group That Beats Both The Trendiest IVE And (G)I-DLE To Top The Brand Reputation Chart For Girl Group In June 2022


The girl group that ranked first in the ‘June Girl Group Brand Reputation’ was revealed and drew attention.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the ranking of ‘June Girl Group Brand Reputation’ on the 10th. The ranking is the result of analyzing 47,572,950 girl group brand big data from the 12th to the 12th of last month.

chart girl group

According to the results, Blackpink took 1st place. The 2nd place belongs to (G)I-DLE. In the 3rd place is IVE. And TWICE took 4th place.

BLACKPINK (Brand Reputation Index: 3,335,959) came out on top, showing a slight difference from 2nd place (G)I-DLE (3,31,437) and 3rd place IVE (3,126,154). 

The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “In the analysis of links to the BLACKPINK brand, ‘participate, model, and donate’ came out high, and in the keyword analysis, ‘Queen of England, Instagram, ambassador’ came out high. Positive/negative ratio analysis showed that the positive rate was 73.84%.

chart girl group

Top 30 of this month is as follows:

  1. Black Pink
  2. (G)I-DLE
  3. IVE
  4. Twice
  5. Loona
  6. Red Velvet
  7. Oh My Girl
  8. Aespa
  10. Girls’ Generation
  11. Cosmic Girls
  12. Apink
  13. Brave Girls
  14. Mamamoo
  15. fromis 9 
  16. LABOUM
  17. DIA
  18. NMIXX
  19. Weekly
  20. Kep1er
  21. Momoland
  22. STAYC
  23. Dreamcatcher
  24. Girl’s Day
  25. April
  26. ITZY

Source: wikitree


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