A female idol who didn’t bring a lunch box when taking the CSAT because she thought lunch was given out 

A female idol who didn’t bring a lunch box when taking the CSAT because she thought lunch was given out 

As Korea’s college entrance exam, the CSAT, is approaching, a sad story of a girl group member who didn’t pack her lunch for the exam resurfaces. 

The College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is only 50 days away. Students in Korea are doing their best to take care of their physical and mental condition while increasing their study time in order to achieve the best grades on this important exam. 

The College Scholastic Ability Test CSAT

Aside from knowledge, there is another thing that needs to be prepared on the day of taking the CSAT. It’s a lunch box.

Even if you have prepared thoroughly for the exam, you may still be in trouble if you forgot to pack your lunch box. In fact, a female idol didn’t bring her lunch box and ended up starving on the day she took the CSAT. 

In 2017, EXID’s Hyelin appeared on MBC’s radio program ‘Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shinyoung’ ahead of the CSAT with her members and gave tips on what examinees need.

At the time, Hani said that she needed something to warm her body a little as the weather is particularly cold during the CSAT.


Hyelin particularly drew attention by emphasizing that “lunch boxes” should be well packed before the CSAT.

EXID Hyelin

Hyelin confessed, “I didn’t know that we had to pack a lunch box on the day of the CSAT. I thought they were giving us lunch. I was starving.” She made everyone laugh at her innocence. 

On this day, speaking on her experience, Hyelin also gave a tip to test takers to bring snacks in case their sugar levels drop. 

After listening to Hyelin’s story, LE jokingly teased her member, saying, “I guess you didn’t have any friends. I think any friend would have told me (to bring a lunch box).

EXID Hyelin

Meanwhile, Hyelin, with her extraordinary singing skills, made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of EXID in 2012. EXID didn’t get much attention at the beginning of their debut, but they shot to fame thanks to “Up and Down”, a catchy song with a sexy concept.

EXID Hyelin

Since EXID members signed with new agencies, Hyelin has appeared in various entertainment shows and showed off her unique wit. She recently appeared on IHQ’s “Travely” and shared a heartbreaking anecdote about her first love.

exid thumbnail

EXID will release a new album on September 29th in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut. EXID’s 10th anniversary album is titled ‘X’, which means 10 in Greek.

This album contains a total of three songs, including the title track ‘Fire’, a tribute song for fans ‘LEGGO’, and a song produced by member LE herself.


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