A different side appeared in the assault controversy regarding a first-generation idol, “He consoled me, no anger, despite my big mistake” 


Amid a series of exposing articles related to A, an entertainment CEO who was a former first-generation idol, a netizen who claimed to be the former manager of A appeared to defend him.

On the online community Nate pann early on Jun 11th, an article titled “I’m the former manager of the agency CEO who was a former first-generation idol. I have something to say, too.”

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Netizen B claimed that he was the former manager of CEO A and said, “I worked for about a year from 2019 to 2020 at the company in the power abuse controversy of the first-generation idol CEO.”

He then said, “I felt that the various speculation about CEO A’s personality I have read was so different from what I had experienced,” adding, “I thought I couldn’t just stand and watch the stories that were different from the true appearance of CEO A spreading so much,” he said, explaining why he wrote this post.


B said he had been with CEO A through countless schedules in the past, “CEO A carries his own bag, saying, ‘You are not here to carry my bag for me’ and stop me from carrying his. My hand was almost always free throughout the trip with him, and CEO A carried his own bag around by himself,” he revealed.

Regarding CEO A, he continued, “He tends to emphasize saving money regarding his own personal trivial matters,” but added, “However, he never hesitates to spend on treating his employees, staff he meets while working, and his acquaintances.


According to B’s claim, CEO A always prepared snacks and drinks in the vehicle and bought food for B at his own expense. B said, “I have been with CEO A quite a lot. He had run into his acquaintances several times while eating out, and I have seen him paying for their meals every time,” he wrote, “I think he is rather a generous person.

In addition, B said, “He gave expensive gifts such as MacBook Air to long-term employees and sent them on overseas trips while taking care of their holiday expenses aside from their salary. He also told me not to worry about welfare if I worked with them for a long time.


One day, B, who confessed he made a mistake big enough to lead to a broadcasting accident, said, “CEO A was not angry with me, but rather, ‘At least there was no accident, that’s all that matters. People can make mistakes. How can anyone be perfect?’ he said. Based on these stories and his usual actions, it is hard for me to imagine that CEO A is a person who habitually uses abusive language and swear words.

B, who posted a photo taken in the practice room at the end of his article, said, “At first, I didn’t want to get involved in such complicated things, but I saw and heard the ridiculous rumors that are spreading, and I remembered the incidents and accidents caused by the witch hunts coming from the misunderstandings about many celebrities. I felt sorry and frustrated seeing him being misunderstood about his personality as a human being, and I decided to write this because I didn’t want to leave any regrets.


Earlier on Jun 6th, an article revealing CEO A’s atrocities was released on Nate pann, causing a stir. C, the writer, was an idol trainee and was verbally abused and assaulted by CEO A. C wrote, “I want a sincere apology from the CEO.” Later, C said he had received an apology from CEO A on Jun 10th, four days after the post. As a result, the controversy seemed to have ended, but victims came out one after another, and the controversy over the abusive CEO A continues.

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