6 years after “Descendants of the Sun”, this K-drama actor has gone from a no-name to a remarkable career 


Known for his comedic roles and impressive range of emotions, this K-drama actor has risen in popularity since his role in “Descendants of the Sun”

Actor Lee Yi Kyung made his debut in 2011, 5 years before the megahit “Descendants of the Sun”. While he has starred in various projects both on the big and small screen, he was once most known for a minor role in the K-drama “Heartstrings”, which featured Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye. However, his name only became more well known after he played a “bag student” in the hit drama “School 2013”. 

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung starred in “School 2013” as a rookie

Starting with super minor roles, Lee Yi Kyung started to make his appearances in bigger projects, such as “My Love From The Star”, “Lovers of Music”, and the blockbuster movie “Pirates”. The actor also received his first acting nomination at Korea Drama Awards after his excellent portrayal in “My Love From The Star”. 

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung earned his first acting nomination with “My Love From The Star”

In 2016, the actor assumed the role of Kang Min Jae in the mega-hit drama “Descendants of the Sun”, and here, showed off his passionate acting through various painstaking scenes. Even more impressive, he also secured his standing on the big screen with a role in Hyun Bin’s project “Confidential Assignment” within the same year. 

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung had a memorable performance in “Descendants of the Sun”

It is no exaggeration to say that Lee Yi Kyung built up his career with sheer determination and talent, and the actor also boasts a strong versatility, going from painful and emotional roles to comedic ones. In addition, he also gains attention with his appearance of TV programs and variety shows thanks to his attractive personality. 

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung can play a wide range of characters 

After “Descendants of the Sun”, Lee Yi Kyung has slowly but surely built up his repertoire of work, starting with a leading role in the series “Welcome to Waikiki”. Then, he won his first award of Best Supporting Actor at the KBS Drama Awards with “Royal Secret Agent”, and is now gaining attention via the comedy movie “6/45”, where he stars alongside Go Kyung Pyo.

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung is now enjoying his well-deserved reputation

Other than his rising career, Lee Yi Kyung’s visuals have also improved remarkably. Once known only for his comedic expressions, Lee Yi Kyung has managed to show a more mature side of himself, and his career is showing stronger and stronger prospects every year. 

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung now boasts a more mature visual

Source: K14


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