6 Legendary Stages Of BTS For Fans Who Will Miss Them During Their Group Activity Hiatus


Here are the best stages of global boy group BTS.

World-class boy group BTS recently drew attention as they announced a temporary suspension of group activities. Debuted in 2013, BTS has been working nonstop for the past 9 years and presented many spectacular performances. Therefore, the news of their hiatus shocked fans all around the world. 


In the future, BTS will continue to communicate with fans through solo activities. However, fans might still feel disappointed as they will not be able to see performances with all members for the time being. This is because seven members have shown explosive synergy when they were on stage together. 

Let’s look through some legendary stages in which BTS showed off their perfect teamwork. 

1. Butter – The 64th Grammy Awards

BTS heated up the 64th Grammy Awards, which was held in April this year, with the performance of “Butter”. 

bts 64th grammy

7 members caught the eyes of the audience by appearing splendidly in black suits and from different places, including the auditorium and on the ceiling. They sang enthusiastically to the cheerful beat of the song and presented their excellent dance skills through their synchronized choreography.

The unexpectedly powerful dance with jackets in the middle of the performance drew explosive responses.

2. IDOL – 2018 Melon Music Awards (MMA)

At the “Melon Music Awards” in 2018, BTS impressed everyone with the unique level of their stage. 

bts 2018 mma

On that day, BTS members wore fusion hanbok and performed a “Korean tradition” version of the song “IDOL”, which included Korean traditional elements, such as the samulnori band and the fan dance.

Following J-Hope, who appeared together with ohgomu, Jimin did the fan dance while Jungkook showed a mask dance. Bringing the most extraordinary performance to the 2018 MMA, BTs received many compliments from Korean netizens.

3. Mikrokosmos – 2021 BTS FESTA

bts mikrokosmos

Through last year’s “BTS FESTA”, which was held to mark the group’s 8th debut anniversary, BTS drew admiration from fans with the stage for “Mikrokosmos”.

BTS members sang the song passionately with their sweet voices and showed off their excellent live singing skills. 

The concert was held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it delivered a vivid sense of reality as the joy and impression of offline performances were embodied as they were. 

4. Burning – 2016 DMC Festival

bts dmc festival

At the ‘DMC Festival’ held in 2016, BTS channeled intense energy from the first verse of the song. BTS, who decorated the stage as overwhelming as the song’s title, received enthusiastic responses from fans and heated up the atmosphere.

Despite the difficult choreography, BTS performed the ‘sword choreography’ without making any mistakes and perfectly performed the dazzling movements.

5. DNA – 2017 American Music Awards (AMA)

bts ama

In 2017, BTS became the first Korean singer to attend the ‘American Music Awards’ and performed ‘DNA’. Fans were extremely excited to watch the vibrant rhythmic performance of BTS.

After finishing the stage with great choreography, BTS received a standing ovation from overseas fans, proving their global popularity.

6. Poems for Little Things – 2019 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA)

BTS, who attended the ‘Billboard Music Awards’ in 2019, once again left a stage to be recorded in history.

bts 2019 billboard music award

On this day, BTS, who became the first Korean singer to win two Billboard Music Awards, gave a perfect performance as if to repay the support they received, continuously fluttering fans’ hearts. 

Fans, excited by the cheerful and bright beat, enjoyed the stage together by shouting out the members’ names or waving their hands.

In particular, singer Halsey rose to the stage and joined BTS to show off the best ‘chemistry’, filling the concert hall with enthusiasm.

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