6 dramas featuring Son Seok-koo that those who just became his fans through “The Roundup” and “My Liberation Notes” should watch


Son Seok-koo debuted in 2017 and has developed his skills by digesting various genres such as romance, comedy and crime.

son seok koo

Son Seok-koo’s filmography, which he has accumulated through various works over years, is receiving a lot of attention from those who just became his fans.

Let’s take a look at Son Seok-koo’s works.

1. D.P.

son seok gu dp

Son Seok-koo played the role of Captain Im Ji-sup in Netflix’s original series “D.P.”.

“D.P.” tells the story of a team of Korean military police with their mission to catch deserters. Private Ahn Joon-ho (Jung Hae-in) and Corporal Han Ho-yul (Koo Kyo-hwan) both team up to find the deserters, and end up in an adventurous journey.

Son Seok-koo, who presented a scene that caused friction with Park Bum-gu (Kim Sung-kyun), impressed viewers by showing his sharp eyes and peremptory figure.

“D.P.” remained a work where you can see Son Seok-koo’s charismatic appearance and highly immersive acting skills.

2. Be Melodramatic

In 2019, Son Seok-koo appeared in the drama “Be Melodramatic” that made viewers laugh and cry, exuding a quirky and cute charm.

son seok gu - melo is my nature

Son Seok-koo, who played the role of CF director Sang-soo, who is notorious for his rough words and profanity in the drama, performed a pleasant “chemistry” while working with actress Jeon Yeo-bin.

Son Seok-koo made viewers smile by showing romantic acting that provoked excitement.

3. Matrimonial Chaos

son seok gu Matrimonial Chaos

Son Seok-koo played Lee Jang-hyun, a popular lecturer at the College of Fine Arts, in KBS2’s drama “Matrimonial Chaos” (2018).

“Matrimonial Chaos” is a romantic comedy drama that explores the different thoughts of men and women in their thirties about love, marriage and family in a modern age when divorce is more common. It is a remake of the 2013 Japanese TV series of the same title.

son seok gu Matrimonial Chaos

Son Seok-koo made viewers laugh and cry as he worked as a married couple in “Matrimonial Chaos” with actress Lee El, who appeared together with him in JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes”.

4. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Son Seok-koo also played an active role in tvN’s drama “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” (2019).

son seok gu - 60 days designated survivor

“Designated Survivor: 60 Days” tells the story of the head of the Ministry of Environment Park Mu-jin (Ji Jin-hee) who unexpectedly leads the country for 60 days after a terror attack kills the president and others in the line of succession during the State of the Union Address.

Son Seok-koo, who played the role of Cha Young-jin (Presidential Office Senior Administrator), established himself as a talented actor by showing off his unparalleled charisma.

If you want to see Son Seok-koo’s serious and highly immersive acting skills, you should watch “Designated Survivor: 60 Days” again.

5. Suits

Son Seok-koo perfectly portrayed the role of a lawyer in the 2018 drama “Suits”.

“Suits” is a drama that depicts the bromance between a legendary lawyer of one of Korea’s top law firms and a genius rookie lawyer with an excellent memory.

son seok gu suits

Son Seok-koo took on the role of David Kim, a lawyer from Harvard who boasts a 100% winning rate.

In fact, Son Seok-koo, who studied abroad in the U.S. and Canada in the past, showed excellent vocabulary skills by alternately using English and Korean lines in the drama.

6. Mother

Son Seok-koo, who appeared in tvN’s drama “Mother” (2018), added tension to the work by playing the role of kidnapper Seol-ak.

son seok gu

In “Mother”, Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young), a temporary teacher at an elementary school, realizes that one of her students is being abused at home by her family. She makes an impulsive decision to kidnap the child and attempts to become her mother.

Son Seok-koo did not show his emotions or actions violently, but he perfectly expressed the psychopath character with his calm and overwhelming eyes, doubling the creepiness.

Son Seok-gu

Son Seok-koo, who caused viewers’ anger by committing child abuse in the drama, convincingly portrayed the fact that he was also a victim of child abuse, bringing the drama’s immersion to a climax.

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