5 Korean actors and actresses who performed their own action stunts


Famous and prominent as these actors and actresses are, they still show extensive professionalism by doing dangerous scenes themselves. 

As leading actors and actresses need to be safe and healthy for the entire film or series, it’s a common thing to use a double in the acting world. However, several prominent stars are so dedicated, they opt to perform dangerous and hurtful stunts themselves, despite the risk of injuries. Below are some prime examples when it comes to this practice. 

1. Jeon Ji Hyun 

Having starred in various action films, it’s no exaggeration to call Jeon Ji Hyun an “action goddess”. In “The Thieves”, where Jeon Ji Hyun starred alongside Kim Soo Hyun, the actress played a super thief who boasted of a lot of stunts, from climbing robes to jumping across buildings. Surprisinging, most of these scenes were performed by the actress herself, including one where she jumped down one floor while holding a wine glass, looking smug the entire time. Knowing this, the public couldn’t help but praise Jeon Ji Hyun for her bravery. 

5 Korean actors and actresses who performed their own action stunts
Jeon Ji Hyun did an extremely dangerous stunt where she jumped down from a balcony, without even blinking

2. Jo Jung Suk

In “Jealousy Incarnate”, Jo Jung Suk transformed into the male lead Lee Hwa Shin, a famous news anchor who suddenly discovered he had breast cancer. Alongside having to wear a women’s bra, Jo Jung Suk also played a scene where he had to get a real breast checkup. In this case, instead of just acting for fun, the painful procedure was carried out for real, and Jo Jung Suk also mentioned this in a press conference, saying: “I really got my breast tested. I was in a lot of pain”. 

jo jung suk
Jo Jung Suk actually got his breast checked out in “Jealousy Incarnate”

3. Jung Woo Sung 

“The Good, The Bad, The Weird” included a lot of montages of horse riding, chasing, gun duels, and it was revealed that Jung Woo Sung, the male lead of the movie, performed all these stunts himself. Even the impressive scene where he spinned his gun perfectly while on horseback was done by the actor himself, making Jung Woo Sung look like a true Western warrior. 

jung woo sung
Jung Woo Sung’s iconic horseback gun-spinning scene that blew many people away

4. Park Shin Hye 

Park Shin Hye was often accused of only taking on repetitive damsel-in-distress characters and taking on the “ease route”. However, little do people know, Park Shin Hye would carry out heavy action sequences herself. In “Doctors”, the actress fought for real while playing a rebellious student who later becomes a doctor, pulling punches during crucial times. Her later works, like
“#Alive” and “Sisyphus: The Myth”, also boasted outstanding stunts. 

park shin hye
The fight in “Doctors” was performed by Park Shin Hye herself without any double

5. Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki is perhaps one of the bravest Korean actors there are, seeing that he has never hesitated when it comes to difficult stunts. In “Two Weeks”, the actor transformed into a falsely-accused man who only has 2 weeks to prove his innocence, and here has flaunted countless dangerous stunts, including one where he was fully buried under dirt and rock. While Lee Jun Ki himself worried about the risk of this scene, he still decided to attempt it himself. 

“There’s one scene where my character was fully buried, and when I saw the crew setting up for the shot, I became extremely nervous. I was worried that I could die if anything went wrong. Fortunately, I worked with an extremely professional production team, so shooting went through without any issues”, Lee Jun Ki shared. 

Lee Jun Ki
Lee Jun Ki’s nose was the only part that remained unburied 

Source: K14


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