41-year-old Lee Joon Gi, do you still not eat carbs? Fit cheeks + sharp jawline 


Famous actor Lee Joon Gi draws attention for his top-notch youthful visuals. 

On September 10th, actor Lee Joon Gi posted several photos of his current situation on Instagram, along with the caption, “I hope you have a fun and happy Chuseok”. Here, Chuseok refers to the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important holiday in Korea.

In the published photos, Lee Joon Gi can be seen enjoying a walk in the park while wearing comfortable clothes. The actor also posed while swiping his hair, showing off a luxurious side profile. In another photo, he smiled brightly, flaunting a stunning appearance that seems to have been forgotten by time. His sharp jawline and high nose bridge also arouses admiration.

lee jun ki instagram

On the other hand, Lee Joon Gi recently starred as the hot-blooded prosecutor Kim Hee Woo in the SBS drama “Again My Life”, which ended back in May. 

Source: nate


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