4 Korean folk games that may be loved by many foreigners if they appear in “Squid Game Season 2”


The production of Netflix’s “Squid Game Season 2” has been confirmed. It is expected to be released in 2024.

Online community netizens have recently made guesses about the games that may appear in Season 2 of Netflix’s original series “Squid Game”.

“Squid Game” is a drama produced by Netflix. As two-thirds of Netflix’s global subscribers completed this 9-episode series in 23 days, proving the huge popularity of the series. More attention is drawn to this Netflix hit since the production of Season 2 has already been confirmed.

Squid Game season 2

In Season 1, many childhood games that Koreans are familiar with were introduced and received favorable responses. Therefore, suggestions on folk games to appear in Season have also poured out.

1. Korean jackstone game (Gonggi game)

Gonggi is a traditional game that almost all Koreans of different ages, from those in their 20s to people in their 90s, can enjoy playing. 

In fact, Gonggi is so popular to the point that jackstones can be found in nearly every home, making it the “national game”.

korean folk game

The jackstones are small so they’re easy to keep and carry along. There are several stages in the rules of Gonggi game. The fifth stage of the game, unlike the first to the fourth ones, can be played in many ways, such as clapping your hands and grabbing the stones to get double points. 

Like the special game that made the players receive less food and encouraged more fights in Season 1, it will be very interesting to compete in a Gonggi game in which the players are intentionally given unequal jackstones.

2. Yut

The house of Koreans can become very noisy on holidays as family members gather to throw yuts on the blanket. 

Yu is a representative folk game enjoyed in teams. As the teams compete with each other to gain scores, it’s a good game to strengthen teamwork and the bond between the members. 

korean folk game

What’s interesting about this game is that the result depends on the players’ luck, not their individual skills. 

Like Tug-of-war in Season 1, the tension of the story can double if Yut is used as a team game in which 10 people formed a group, and the groups are randomly picked to compete with each other to decide the “pass” and “fail” teams. 

3. 2 people & 3 legs race

This game, which is played a lot in sports competitions at schools, requires two people to run in pairs and have good teamwork.

The players of 2 people & 3 legs race are paired up like the Marbles game in Season 1, but it forces members of the same team to perform harmoniously in mind and body since they can either succeed or be eliminated together.

korean folk game

To increase the fun of the game, there can be elimination rules for pairs that cannot keep the string that holds their legs or those who cannot finish the race within the time limit. 

The producer can take advantage of this game to create details, such as close friends blaming each other and distrusting each other.

4. Group jump rope

In this game, two people hold the two sides of a long jump rope and spin for others to jump. This game mainly requires the unity of the team members and is often played in the final round of sports competitions.

Each member enters the spinning rope and the mission is completed when the last person successfully comes out. 

korean folk game

Many people consider this a hard game because it’s not easy for the members to match their jumping pace with each other. 

Like the Red Light Green Light game in Season 1, it would be very interesting if Young-hee’s friend “Cheolsu Robot” eliminates those who leave the team or fall in the line of many people jumping a large jump rope. 

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