22-Year-Old Man Arrested For Murder Of Ex Girlfriend’s 9-Year-Old Daughter

22-Year-Old Charged With Capital Murder After Shooting & Killing His Ex Girlfriend's 9-Year-Old Daughter 

22-Year-Old Charged With Capital Murder After Shooting & Killing His Ex Girlfriend’s 9-Year-Old Daughter

A Houston man, who police suspect has ties to local gangs, has been arrested for shooting a 9 year old girl in the head.

Houston police said officers responded to a domestic disturbance call between the child’s mother and a man, who has been identified as Jeremiah Jones, 22.

Officers say that when they arrived, they found the mother with a gunshot wound in the shoulder and the little girl was shot in the head. The innocent little angle was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jeremiah Jones has been arrested and now charged with capital murder. His ex girlfriend took to Instagram story to give an update on the incident. “They arrested him thank y’all sooo much,” she wrote with crying emojis.

Investigators said the mother was in the apartment with her three children at the time of the shooting. There was the 9-year-old girl, a 7-year-old girl and a 1-year-old girl.

The alleged shooter dated the victim’s mother for eight months, but the relationship ended more than two months ago. The shooter didn’t take the breakup well, and the victim’s mother had filed police reports against him for stalking.

On the night of the shooting, police say Jeremiah broke into the house. At that time, the three girls were inside a bedroom watching TV when Jeremiah entered the home. He fired two shots and both hit the 9 year old square in the head at point blank range.


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