169cm Yet Only 48kg In Real Life

169cm Yet Only 48kg In Real Life

Actress Im Soo Hyang, who is starring in “Woori The Virgin”, shows off her slender figure in the latest update. 

On June 15th, Im Soo Hyang posted her photo on her Instagram with the caption “Hi Woori, we are looking forward to where your life is heading.” 

The photo was allegedly taken on the set of “Woori The Virgin”, a K-drama which she is filming. There, the actress adorned a pastel top, a short skirt, toeless heels, and a blue handbag, exuding a sophisticated vibe.  

Im Soo Hyang

Im Soo Hyang also topped off her outfit with a headband that amplified her feminine charm. She also puckered her lips and showed off her long, slim legs, as well as a glamorous physique. 

At the moment, actress Im Soo Hyang is appearing in two ongoing K-drama, including SBS’s “Woori The Virgin”, which is adapted from famous TV series “Jane The Virgin”, and MBC’s “Doctor Lawyer”, where she stars alongside actor So Ji Sub. 

Source: Nate


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