10 years of love, Sooyoung and Jung Hyungho’s daily life as a couple was just revealed in a broadcast

10 years of love, Sooyoung and Jung Hyungho’s daily life as a couple was just revealed in a broadcast

The loving daily life of SNSD Sooyoung and Jung Kyungho was broadcast on a TV program.

In the September 3rd episode of MBC’s program “Omniscient Interfering View” (also known as “The Manager”), Sooyoung appeared and revealed the inside of her house for the first time. On this day’s broadcast, Sooyoung’s manager shared, “Sooyoung is a cheerful princess on air, but in reality, she is very eccentric, lazy and chic.” Instead of getting up in the morning, Sooyoung would lie on the floor, he said. 

Two dogs, Hoyoung and Aebong, also made an appearance at Sooyoung’s house.  

In fact, Hoyoung and Aebong were first introduced on a YouTube channel containing the daily life of actor Jung Kyungho, who has been in a long-term relationship with Sooyoung. 

On a video published on the Youtube channel “Monotube” back in November 2020, Jung Kyungho’s daily Vlogs contents were revealed. Here, the actor showed his daily life as he worked his dogs, Hoyoung and Aebong in a stroller. “I go out for a walk every day,” he said. 

Regarding Hoyoung and Aebong, he introduced, “They are my dogs, and they are both seven years old. The black one is Hoyoung and the white one is Aebong. They are scared of many things like that.”

The actor also disclosed the meaning of his dogs’ name, smiling shyly as he said, “Hoyoung is a name I decided with the person I raised my dogs with. When I adopted Aebong, my car’s name was Bongsik, and so I named it that way because they shared the same white color.” At the same time, a caption appeared, explaining the name “Hoyoung” to be a combination of Jung Kyung”ho” and Choi Soo”young”.

jung kyung ho

After unloading the dog from the stroller and while taking a walk, Jung Kyungho continued to explain as if he were talking to his children. The actor laughed while saying, “The two of us have been together since we were young, so we don’t fight or do anything like that, and the charm of our two babies is their gentleness. At first, we even made our own food, but I think it’s best to buy it.”

Jung Kyungho also talked about his daily life with Sooyoung, with whom he has been dating for 10 years. “I’m not the only one raising Hoyoung, so when we work, we look after each other and let each other off the hook.”

jung kyung ho soo young

Jung Kyungho and SNSD Sooyoung have been dating since 2013. They don’t mention each other often, but when necessary, they don’t avoid it, showing affection and boasting their beautiful love.

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